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In a world that always seems to have us on the go, we believe in the power of slowing down. Taking time to reap the fruits of your labor - and doing so with those you care about most. Italian cuisine was built around this ideal. In Italy, suppers are savored, flavors are fresh, and technique is treasured. At Roma’s Italian Eatery, these ideals are alive and well. Here, you’ll cover the whole of Italy without stepping foot out of Owatonna. You’ll taste elevated, exceptional meals steeped in old-world authenticity. And you’ll rediscover just how nice it is to slow down and enjoy a fresh, well-made meal with those you love.

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    Authentically Exceptional

    Fresh Food, Made Well, Shared With Those You Love

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Whether you're celebrating a milestone or just gathering with friends, our restaurant is the perfect setting.



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Treat your guests to gourmet cuisine. Our talented chefs will create a menu that exceeds your expectations.



203 North Cedar Avenue
Owatonna, MN


Monday - Saturday
11am - 9pm